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Just saying the word Caribbean transports you to a luxurious, tropical place filled with the sounds and smells of a warm beach and salty air. This huge area of more than 7,000 tropical islands in the Caribbean Sea boasts coral reefs, crystal turquoise water and natural beauty. Every imaginable adventure or luxury is available in the islands of the Caribbean. Explore all of what the Caribbean has to offer.


This tiny island has a huge reputation for its luxurious accommodations and its perfect beaches.

Watch sailboats from Sandy Ground, enjoy the island hospitality, wonderful food and dining experiences, snorkel the reefs and just relax and enjoy the sun.


Once known for it sugar plantations and as a port for the British Navy, today’s Antigua is an international yachting center and more than 350 of the world’s most lovely white sand beaches.

World-class resorts, restaurants and hotels dot the landscape. Beautiful scenery and great nightlife. Peace and quiet or fun and adventure are available on Antigua.


Aruba’s sophisticated lifestyle, culture and people make it a favorite destination. The nightlife is sexy and sophisticated, the hotels and casinos are ultra-accommodating.

Enjoy a day of water sports or exploring caves on the far side of the island, followed by a romantic, fast paced evening of dining, dancing and gambling.


The western shore of Barbados offers sandy white beaches, elegant hotels and villas with fine dining, and romance. The eastern side is rugged, historic and a surfer’s paradise of pounding waves.

This British nation features all the luxuries of the UK including tea time and cricket. Don’t miss the summer, month-long festival called “Crop Over.”


Artists have been singing about Jamaica for centuries.  Cultural excitement, nature in its glory, beaches of the north shore and luxurious resort hotels, inns and villas make Jamaica one of the most popular vacation and honeymoon spots in the world.

Swim with the dolphins, play golf on championship courses, relax in world-class spas, snorkel, dive and dine. Don’t miss Montego Bay, Ocho Rios and Port Antonio. You may not want to come home.


Nestled in the Caribbean near the northern end of the Lesser Antilles archipelago and along the side of its sister island Saint Kitts is the cone-shaped island of Nevis.

With its long, sandy beaches, and coastline featuring some of the most beautiful coral reefs, fresh water springs and hot springs in the world, Nevis is a popular honeymoon paradise for today’s sophisticated traveler.

St. Barth’s

With its chic resorts and international flare, St. Barth’s is reminiscent of St. Tropez of old. This spicy Caribbean destination offers lazy days or days of sport, exceptional restaurants, refined, luxurious hotels, and perfect tropical weather.

The turquoise seas, the flowers, the history, the beaches and nightlife, all combine for a perfect romantic getaway.

St. John’s

Over the years, St. John’s has managed to retain its unspoiled, tranquil beauty. Learn about the islands agricultural history, and explore the islands natural beauty.

Cinnamon Bay’s beaches and campgrounds with cottages and tents offer opportunities for fun wind and water activities, Downtown in Cruz Bay, enjoy trendy shops and fine dining. This is a paradise for those who want peace, quiet, relaxation and tranquility with a chance to shake it up a little – a very little.

St. Lucia

Quiet, romantic, scenic, indulgent … words alone are limiting, but St. Lucia’s dramatic mountains rising from the sea, its valleys full of flowers that lead to deep rain forests, beaches just steps away from world-class resorts all add to this islands tranquil personality.

Ride horses, play on and in the water and enjoy the French and English influences of this vivid island. There is something for everyone. The peaceful white or black sand beaches, beautiful, luxury resorts, adventure (hiking, zip lines through the rain forest) and a great night life await you.

St. Martin

Dubbed “The Friendly Island,” St. Martin is alive with excitement. From its private beaches to its sophisticated night life, St. Martin is the savvy honeymooner’s paradise. Two sides with differing influences await the visitor.

The Dutch side offers a vibrant nightlife and a cosmopolitan atmosphere. The French side offers quiet and relaxation, fine dining on the Marina, shopping and the cruise port. Both sides offer a Caribbean warmth you will not want to miss.

Turks & Caicos

With more than 200 miles of relatively unknown beaches, these eight islands invite those who want privacy, luxury, and discovery. 

Read and delight on immaculate beaches and snorkel or scuba dive on colorful, practically untouched coral reefs. A good variety of  places to stay, all guided by nature’s beauty and luxury.