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Costa Rica

This Central American gem boasts nature at its finest. Surfers flock to its waters, wildlife and nature enthusiasts are in heaven and honeymooners love the slow, romantic pace.


Beautiful beaches like Playa del Coco and Playa Hermosa are the focus of this beautiful resort town. 

Tourists who travel just northwest of San Jose can enjoy hiking trails complete with volcanic wonders as hot springs and bubbling clay pots as well as numerous waterfalls and rivers. Many enjoy this safe, clean metropolis which offers a solid infrastructure where tourists can easily spend a night or two enjoying the daily life and beauty of this city.

San José

Since it’s the place where most people first enter Costa Rica, whether you plan to stay in San José or just pass through, filling a day of activity is an easy thing to do in this bustling city. San José features consistent spring-like mild climate and continues to be an attractive place for those looking to escape the oppressive heat of more tropical destinations.  

El Pueblo is a mix of more than 50 bars, clubs, restaurants, art galleries and shops. Enjoy a walking tour of the city which simply can’t be appreciated by car and visit with some of the natives who are known for their friendliness and hospitality.