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Fiji – the word Fiji means paradise – and paradise it is. Roam around the largest of the 300 islands that make up Fiji. Crack open a coconut from one of millions of palm trees; smell the hibiscus and other tropical, exotic flowers that cover the island. Enjoy snorkeling over shallow reefs close to shore or take a diving expedition deep into the South Pacific Ocean.

Surf a private reef, ride out to an island on a jet boat, hike the tropical rain-forests and get lost in an ancient, sacred cave. Some afternoon, go and bargain with a street merchant for a Fijian artifact or visit a larger, modern shop for priceless antiques to take home. At night, enjoy the clubs and fine dining and wake up ready for another adventure awaiting you in paradise!

Turtle Island

Blue Lagoon was filmed on this island – why – remember the beautiful underwater scenes and the coastal beauty. That’s why. Turtle Island is a luxurious, private Fiji island open to only 14 couples at a time. Ultra-romantic, couples who honeymoon on Turtle Island never want to leave.

Hike or bike through the miles and miles of maintained trails, explore the island on horseback. Dine right on the ocean on a tiny barge for two, after dinner, head back to your private cottage just for two. Explore the wonders of sea life off of its coast – scuba dive, sail and windsurf. Walk hand in hand along the beach. Enjoy a relaxing day in the sun ending with a massage and spa treatments. The romance and luxury are never ending.

Wakaya Island

This privately owned island is practically untouched. The beauty is as it was thousands of years ago. What has changed is the private club and spa that is housed on the island. The serene retreat offers gracious living, sophisticated cuisine and unparalleled leisure opportunities in a remote corner of the world. Enjoy a warm, salt water plunge pool in the spa followed by a shiatsu, Swedish massage, hot stone or sugar glow massage.

After a day of serenity lying on the white sand beaches, swimming in the warm lagoons or hiking majestic cliffs, enjoy an evening of private luxury and romance with the tastes of a world-class resort. You will feel so close to the earth and to your loved one, you may never want to leave.