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Ancient mythology, historic, artful, romantic, passionate, natural, beautiful. These words immediately come to mind when thinking about Greece. Located in the Mediterranean Sea, Greece and the Greek Islands are beautiful vacation spots for those who want adventure, history and romance all rolled in one. Luxurious resorts or modest villas await.

Winter or summer, Greece features beautiful beaches, sporting opportunities particularly water sports, as well as other adventures and beach activities.


Athens – the capital city of Greece and one of the oldest cities in Europe, Athens dates back to mythological times and is named for Athena, the ancient Goddess of  Wisdom.

Enjoy modern, luxury accommodations, art, history and science museums, fine dining and pampering.  Make the time to walk the Plaka for trendy, sophisticated shops.


The largest and most famous of Greece’s islands, Crete is in the Aegean Sea.

Beautiful mountain landscapes, sandy coastal beaches and rocky coves, fine food, warm and welcoming towns with trendy and fun shopping, vacationers to Crete will enjoy the history, the architecture, the outside and the inside.


Part of the Cyclades island group, Mykonos has a trendy, youthful atmosphere and a great nightlife.

This old fishing village has transcended into a world-class youthful island with amazing resorts, wonderful restaurants and great nightlife. Enjoy days on the sexy, romantic beaches and dine and dance the night away in one of the many cosmopolitan clubs.


People who live in Greece flock to this tiny island in the Cyclades on the Aegean Sea.

You too will love the small volcanoes that dot the famous landscape, the breathtaking sunsets, the amazing views from the cliffs. Santorini offers world-class accommodations and great beaches.