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Honeymoon Planning

Here are some things to consider when planning your honeymoon. Your HG Travel Specialist can assist you with each of these steps.

Set and stick to a budget

Budgets will vary from couple to couple depending on your financial situation. Everyone has a different philosophy when it comes to budgeting for a vacation/honeymoon. Because money is a very personal matter, we won’t recommend how much you should spend.

However, we can assure you that there are many options for all budgets so that someone with a $4,000 budget can have as much fun as someone with a $20,000+ budget.

Whatever your budget, find a balance. There is no better time to indulge than on your honeymoon. It’s important to review your budget, create a savings plan, know what you can spend, pick a destination compatible with your budget and stick to it.

Be Flexible

Remember, this is not the one and only vacation you’re going to spend with your spouse. You have plenty of time to travel and explore different places together.

Be sure to compromise in the understanding that you don’t have to fulfill every travel curiosity and interest this week. If you have multiple travel interests, pick a place that allows for diversity and a potpourri of vacation excitement or you can pinpoint your honeymoon destination to fulfill one specific interest.

Remember, no matter where you choose to go, your HG Travel Specialist can make sure you create an itinerary that suits both of you as individuals and as a couple to ensure honeymoon bliss.

Seek out suggestions and tips

People love talking about vacations they’ve been on. Anytime a person is spending the money associated with a honeymoon, they’ll remember how they felt about nearly every aspect of the trip. Before you talk at length with your HG Travel Specialist, ask questions of friends and family listen to people who have been to these areas.

Look at destinations on the internet. We offer many destinations suggestions on our website. This may or may not help you come to a conclusion on what’s best for you both. Nevertheless, it’s always interesting to hear what others have said about a place you’re interested in going. Your HG Travel Specialist knows the exact right questions to ask to help you work through the process, assess different locations, decipher what is accurate on the internet, what is not, and finally select a location.

Plan ahead

You surely don’t want to have every minute of the day planned when you’re on your honeymoon. Some of the best times are guaranteed to be the spontaneous and whimsical ones. Do however, know a few special things you want to do ahead of time such as eating in a certain restaurant or dining on the beach, golfing at a certain course, or participating in a particular sight seeing tour, getting a couples massage.

Work with your HG Travel Specialist to see what is available, what needs to be booked prior to arrival, when is the best time of day to book, etc.

Most importantly, Have fun planning for it

Don’t stress out over the planning. Your HG Travel Specialist is here to help. The wedding plans were difficult and stressful, but this is where the fun begins for the two of you. You don’t have to worry about stopping at every table to say thank you and hello. The group photos have ended and nerve-racking center stage dance where hundreds of eyes are watching is over. Now it’s all about you. If you have successfully achieved steps one through four, then five should come naturally.

Relax and enjoy!