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Honeymoon Romance

Maximize the Romance on your Honeymoon

Tropical islands, sandy beaches, exotic wildlife, breathtaking views overlooking sandy beaches and crystal blue water and hotel accommodations that would impress even the most seasoned traveler set a good foundation for the honeymoon of your dreams.

You’re finally on your honeymoon and it’s time to capitalize on this beautiful setting you have chosen by taking time to open up at levels you may have never experienced before. A honeymoon needs to be more than just a vacation with your spouse. It’s the vacation that celebrates the lifelong decision you have made and the start of the life you will build together.

Honeymoons are all about the romance

But, before you get to be idealistic, you must be pragmatic and plan, plan, plan. The following are some tips to ensure romance on your honeymoon and upon your return.

  • Communicate and plan beforehand. Discuss what it is you both want out of your honeymoon. Remember, what you might want and what your spouse might want, may not be the same so you’ll have to find somewhere to meet in the middle. Do your best to know and understand what your partner is looking to get out of the honeymoon. Is the honeymoon about pure relaxation? Is about adventure and excitement? What is the budget? What should you be packing? Is everything going to be taken care of at home in your absence? If you have all of these items covered, there will be less stress and more romance on the honeymoon.
  • Have one day and night each where you plan the entire day centered on what you think your partner will enjoy. This requires selflessness and a genuine concern for your partner’s happiness. Here’s an example. The thought of exploring underwater life in the crystal clear ocean is scarier for you than it is exhilarating. But you know that an awesome SCUBA adventure would give your partner a life-long honeymoon highlight. Your spouse will appreciate the opportunity to teach and guide you along in something new. Now that you’ve demonstrated a willingness to try new things, maybe you can finally your spouse to do something out of their comfort zone.
  • Celebrate your marriage by announcing to people that you’re on your honeymoon. If you like the attention, people are always going to gush over the newlyweds and share their personal stories of marriage success. You may encounter older couples who will give you the guidance and wisdom to make a marriage successful after so many years. Maybe you’ll meet younger couples who will share in your new marriage bliss. Or, perhaps you’ll meet the single folk who yearn for the love you and your partner share. Either way, people’s eyes will surely bright up when they hear you’re on your honeymoon and positive energy is bound to enhance the mood and atmosphere of your social time.
  • Use the element of surprise. One groom we know on the first night of their honeymoon, surprised his wife with his personal rendition of their wedding song at the resort restaurant in front of the entire room. With the help of the house cover band, a good spirited, sing along audience and a couple pina coloda’s, he impress his spouse and the entire resort. The honeymoon is the time to think outside the box. Do something’s that may a little uncharacteristic. A honeymoon is the time to let loose and is about fun, romance and relaxation. You may be surprised what you’ll get in return.