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Honeymoon Timeline

Planning your honeymoon is a long and exciting process. Almost as long as planning the wedding. Sometimes couples get so caught up in the planning of the wedding; they forget to plan the honeymoon. So below, we offer a handy timeline to keep you on track.

12 Months Before Your Honeymoon

Decisions, Decisions, Decisions – The year before is when you make all the big decisions. A Honeymoons Galore travel specialist is a great resource to help you make the big decisions. Answer these questions

  • What time of year will you travel?
  • Will you travel immediately after the wedding or sometime thereafter?
  • Will you first have a destination wedding and then honeymoon in the same place?
  • How long will we travel? A week, 10 days, two weeks?

Consider your destinations by answering questions like …

  • What is my preferred vacation spot – beach, city, lakes, mountains, cruise, warm weather, cold weather, touring, relaxing?
  • What is my budget? 
  • Will we travel internationally or stateside?
  • What style and level of accommodation do we want – secluded, luxury, modest, all-inclusive, adults only?

Make a list of things you like to do: hike, bike, golf, fish, relax on the beach, tour, sleep, spa, tennis, ski, shop.

Research the destination – Conduct research online and work with your Honeymoons Galore travel specialist for information on places you are interested in traveling to. Work with your travel agent to ensure there are no travel warnings to the area you wish to travel

Make final decision about your destination

Register for your honeymoon on the Honeymoons Galore registry located on our web site.

9 Months Before Your Honeymoon

Consult with your Honeymoons Galore Travel Specialist to book your trip, including:

  • Air Travel and Seat Assignments
  • Land Travel and Transfers
  • Rental Cars
  • Travel Insurance
  • Room and Food Specifications

If you are traveling internationally or outside the continental US, get or renew your passport

Consult with your Honeymoons Galore travel expert to determine any vaccinations or medical clearances necessary for your trip and make a doctor’s appointment to secure them

6 Months Before Your Honeymoon

Work with your honeymoons Galore travel specialist to plan your itinerary,

  • Romantic dinners
  • Special dietary needs
  • Excursions, tours and shows

Consult with your Honeymoons Galore travel expert on visa needs

Purchase luggage, Check out what folks are wearing at the resort

3 Months Before Your Honeymoon

  • Get Babysitters for pets
  • Get house sitters for plants, fish, etc.
  • Complete your packing checklist and purchase any outstanding items

1 Month Before Your Honeymoon

  • Confirm everything with your Honeymoons Galore Travel Specialist
  • Book appointments for pre-wedding and honeymoon spa treatments.
  • Secure adaptors and voltage converters for your travel location.

2 Weeks Before Your Honeymoon

  • Contact local police department and schedule “vacation visits” so they patrol near your home while you are away.
  • Purchase Travelers Checks

1 Week Before Your Honeymoon

  • Pay outstanding bills before you leave and get in the mail to avoid a time-lag when you return
  • Make arrangements for mail pick up
  • Create list for your house and dog sitters (chores, emergency numbers, resort and HG phone numbers)
  • Stop newspaper delivery
  • Exchange some cash to foreign currency ($200 for immediate expenses)
  • Start Packing

3-4 Days Before Your Honeymoon

  • Enjoy your spa treatments
  • Make copies of all necessary items (passport, credit card, phone numbers, itinerary) – remember to take additional passport pictures with you in case you lose your passport so you are able to get a replacement passport if needed.
  • Give copies of itinerary to friends or family in case of emergency
  • Continue packing-Pick up any necessary items

The Night Before Your Honeymoon

  • Finalize home prep for departure – (trash, food, newspaper delivery, mail pick up, flower watering, animal care)
  • Finish Packing

Travel Day