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Ciao bella. From its lakes to its mountains, its islands to its villages, its cities to its country sides, Italy is one of the world’s most majestic countries. You’ll be speaking the language in no time in any of the beautiful, historic regions of Italy.

The food, the wine, the culture, the history, the romance – everything you have heard about this divine European nation is true. Visit to unwrap the treasure of Italy’s food, wine, romance, history, art and language. You might find your own little Italian café somewhere and never want to leave.


This island has been a vacation spot for centuries. Walk around and you will fall in love with the luxury, romance, history and art which is Capri.

The lifestyle on this scenic island is tempered and calm, the food is exquisite and the people are beautiful.


The “big city” of Tuscany, Florence is best known for its history and world class art and galleries and museums.

See the countryside, visit Galileo and Michelangelo’s tombs, get lost in the Rose Garden, shop in the central Market of San Lorenzo or visit any of the smaller shops at the famous Ponte Vecchi. At night, enjoy the view of the Arno while having dinner, wine and fabulous desserts at one of the many wonderful restaurants.  

Lake Como

Enjoy the tropical Mediterranean climate and lush warm breezes as you dine in one of Lake Como’s beautiful resorts and villas. Gaze at the Alps which surround the entire lake region while you walk or hike along the shores.

Or, if you want more adventure, go sailing or windsurfing or take an early-morning boat ride to the northern tip of the lake.


Tree-lined cliffs and ocean views make Portofino beautiful, the warm weather makes it easy to stay outside and enjoy the beauty and the delicious food and wine, make outdoor dining perfect.

Some consider Portofino the only place in the entire world for rest and relaxation (with a little romance added for good measure.)


Several American films and authors have made this tiny Italian coastal beach town on the central Amalfi Coast famous. The grandeur of Positano is that the town is built along the Lattari Mountainside with its small homes built right into the rock.

Sun yourself on the grand beach or take a ride in one of the boats that dot the coastline. Positano boasts one of the most beautiful landscapes anywhere in the world.


The streets of Rome are filled with energy and history.

Walk everywhere – gather with other tourists at the Spanish Steps, explore the eerie quality of the Colosseum, embrace the artworks in the Villa Borghese, listen at The Trevi Fountain, imagine Michelangelo painting his works in the Sistine Chapel, pray in St. Peters Basilica, the list is endless.


If the food and wine aren’t enough to keep you occupied in Italy’s Tuscan region, visit a museum where works by Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo, Botticelli and other great artists of history are showcased, take a cooking course, enjoy a day at the beach or photograph the landscape.

Enjoy wine tasting at one of the world-famous vineyards or visit a designer outlet and by new shoes. This is one of the greatest destinations in the world.


It looks exactly as it does in the movies. The water, the canals, the gondolas — a world filled with such culture and romance is one reason Venice is always in the movies. Imagine being kissed in the middle of a square. Stroll hand in hand along an alleyway.

Take a walking tour or get serenaded on a boat tour. Get lost with someone you love. Finding your way back will be more fun than anything you could have planned.