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South Africa

Considered one of the finest tourist destination on earth, no other place can boast such a diverse and enchanting experience with history as old as mankind and commercial and industrial attractions as fresh as the most modern cities.

A culturally rich country, South Africa offers striking contrasts in its range of activities to enjoy. Whether you're observing the vast array of the safari wildlife or relaxing on the beaches surrounded by wondrous mountains, or shopping and dining in one of its major metropolises, South Africa promises something for everybody.


Capetown is considered by many to be one of the most beautiful cities on earth as it is set against and overlooked by the prominent flat topped Table Mountain. This cultural staple houses a wide range of schools, churches, and government offices and is proud to call itself one of the hottest most prominent tourist attraction in South Africa.

With a convenient transport system linking Capetown with several other South African tourists’ attractions one can’t help but appreciate its architectural heritage. Beach bums can kick back and enjoy the sun on Cape Peninsula and False Bay or go humpback and killer whale watching where the Indian and Atlantic oceans converge.


For those traveling to South Africa, a stop in Jo-burg is highly likely. And it should be! Although it hasn’t always been a tourist stop, this largest city in S. Africa is a central transportation point for much of the country. It features Carlton Towers, a massive shopping center and Africa’s tallest building — nicknamed the “rooftop of Africa” because of its breathtaking view of the city and country.

Johannesburg is not just for the shopper. It houses the Constitutional Court – South Africa’s highest court. With a large collection of museums and theaters, Johannesburg has become a center for modern and classical South African fine art. This prosperous industrial and financial capital of South Africa contains an eclectic mix of people and interests.