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South Pacific

The most exotic places on earth are located in the South Pacific islands. Lives have been transformed by these secluded, pristine places. From tranquil and romantic to exciting and new age, the sun shines brightest in this part of the world, the food tastes better, the birds sing louder and your joy will be deeper. Some of our favorites in the Society Islands of the South Pacific are Tahiti, Moorea, Huahine Taiatea, Tahaa -The Vanilla Island and Bora Bora, but don’t miss other regional favorites like Fiji and Turtle Island.

Bora Bora

No where on earth will you find more romance and privacy than in an over water bungalow in Bora Bora or enjoy your time at a luxury hotel and resort. Either way, the crystal blue waters will call to you. Snorkel and dive, canoe or hit the water on jet skis.

Mount Otemanu stands like the king to all its servants below. The rainbow colored fish dance around the lagoon and the smell of hibiscus is everywhere. A sunset dinner cruises and shopping complete the trip.


Lush forests and untamed landscape mark this quaint island. A best-kept French Polynesian secret, the deep crystal lagoon surrounds magnificent bays and the frinigin coral reef makes for some unbelievable sites.

Cross the bridge at low tide to see both sides of this two-pieced island and engage with the people in the small, charming villages. Barely touched by the modern world, solitude, romance and adventure await.


Fly or sail to the lush green island of Moorea where you can experience waterfalls and meadows.

Almost every photograph you have ever seen of the South Pacific Society Islands has been taken on Moorea. Why? Because it has stunning scenery.

Look out over Cook’s Bay or hike Mount Mouaputa or Mount Mouaroa. You may never come home.


Its name means bright sky. And the name doesn’t lie. Relax on this less traveled island offering true, unspoiled French Polynesian experiences.

Water sports and adventure abound, horseback riding, biking, hiking or just sitting and looking at the sun and stars might be enough. If not, shop and dine in modern luxury and don’t miss site seeing at the pearl or vanilla farms or visiting the archeological ruins.

Tahaa – The Vanilla Island

Breath in, can you smell the vanilla? Most of the world’s vanilla is grown in this beautiful South Pacific Island. Visit the vanilla farms or enjoy all that this island has to offer including snorkeling the giant coral reef, horseback riding, biking and hiking.

Don’t forget to pick up a pearl or two – Tahaa pearls are among the worlds most beautiful.


Consisting of 118 islands in the South Pacific Ocean, Tahiti boasts sugary white sand beaches outlined with jagged mountainous peaks that mark the island. Be welcomed by a turquoise sunrise every morning as it quietly peaks through the mountain tops.

Over water bungalows offer seclusion, romance and peace of mind. Vibrant marine life and water sports and hiking the rugged terrain get the body moving. The people are warm and welcoming, their Polynesian culture marking nearly everything from the food to the way spa treatments are given – in luxury and style.