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Vacationing or honeymooning stateside has been a very popular option for decades. From the New England states to the coasts, the southern tier of states and the Rocky Mountain States, the cities, the country sides, the mountains and the beaches, the US offers every style of adventure for every budget and something for every season. Ski, surf, swim, saddle, tour the wine country on either coast, the history and the romance. The US is the world in one place.


Decisions, decisions, decisions. California is a whole wide world unto itself. There are so many things to do and see, you’ll have to visit again and again. Visit Hollywood, National parks, Wine country, the famous cities or stay outdoors and hike, bike and enjoy nature.


The air is crisper, the sky is bluer, the clouds are whiter, grass is greener – no other place in the world is as beautiful as the Rocky Mountain State. Skiing is only a part of the Colorado experience. Besides thousands and thousands of groomed and perfectly snowy slopes for the downhill enthusiast, a winter ski trip might also include sleigh rides, horseback riding, snowmobiling and cross country skiing.

If you are the outdoorsy type, you never have to go inside … hike and bike the millions of miles of mountainous terrain and fall asleep under the stars. Tour old mines and caves, explore Colorado’s western past and even take train rides over mountainous ravines. Love the water? Kayak, canoe and fish or if you are a golfer – take on some of the world’s premier courses. Colorado is full of surprises, romance and adventure.


The Sunshine State earned its name, one suntan at a time. Other states may claim it, but Florida is for lovers too. It’s always warm and sunny in the citrus capital of the world.

Aside from Florida’s beautiful beaches, which are known throughout the world, the romantic calm and luxury of the Florida Keys including Key West, Key Largo and more offer fishing adventures, diving and snorkeling, while the middle of the state offers great golfing.  And, if you thought a Disney vacation was just for the kids – nope. There’s romance, luxury, fun, adventure and a little bit of heaven built in to a Disney vacation for all ages.


Everyone knows Nevada for Las Vegas – and why shouldn’t they. Vegas is a fun town. Even if you don’t gamble – the shows, the food, the lights, the excitement – WOW. But, Nevada also offers the outdoor adventurer rugged terrain to hike and bike, kayak, white water raft, fish and camp.

There’s even great skiing in Tahoe. Not ready for the rugged but still love the outdoors? Nevada golf courses are some of the best in the country. Romance, adventure, great outdoor weather – all await the Nevada visitor.

New England

The most historical region in the United States, New England has the power to embrace every inch of you. Distinctly American with history and culture, the region is a sophisticated mix of all things Americana.

From Connecticut and Maine, Massachusetts and Rhode Island, Vermont and New Hampshire, the New England region offers everything – coastal sand and sun, trendy cities, shopping, museums and historical sightseeing, outdoor activities. Anytime of year, any age, New England is a great place to explore.

New Mexico

With its Native American influences and its scenic beauty, New Mexico is one of the most vibrant places on earth. Check out their museums and fine arts and crafts regions. Learn about New Mexico’s role in winning the West and dig among the geological and archeological sites.

Enjoy the southwestern flavors of food and wine while visiting the city or during major annual events like chili and enchilada festivals, wine and film festivals, folk art markets, and more. You can even gamble a little if the spirit moves you.

New York

The most exciting city in the world, New York has some of the finest cuisine, talented perfuming artists and trendiest nightclubs. It’s retail nirvana shopping in New York and it’s a must for anyone traveling there, whether for a day or a week.

Visit the lights on Broadway and enjoy a show, listen to the sounds of the New York Philharmonic or take in an opera performance at The Metropolitan Opera. There is so much to enjoy in New York, from sightseeing and shopping in the daytime, a stroll and picnic in Central Park, skating in Rockefeller Plaza in winter, and a vibrant nightlife in the city that never sleeps.

As Sinatra always sang . . . “New York, New York . . . it’s a hell of a town!”


Utah is filled with wide-open, scenic spaces. It’s a playground of national parks. From the majestic Tuacahn Red Rock Cliff Amphitheatre and other major national parks with fishing, hiking and biking to science and art museums, the world famous Tabernacle Choir and the splendor that is Salt Lake City and Provo, Utah is a big state with big attractions. Go any time of year because it’s always the perfect season in Utah – water in summer, snow in winter, colorful mountains in fall and the greenest, green deserts in the spring.

Washington State

Washington State is one of the most diverse states in the nation with beautiful scenery, history and culture, wineries and outdoor activities.

There are five volcanoes in Washington, along with lakes, streams, deserts, a rainforest and a wine region. In fact, you can boat, camp and fish one day, ride horses, golf, hike and bike the next, go on a wine tour and if it’s winter – ski. There’s nothing you can’t do in Washington. Don’t forget to visit Seattle, one of the most metropolitan cities in the world-and grab some of their world-famous coffee to keep you moving.